Investmentsand Bonds: Scottrade

Founded in 1980 by Rodger Riney,Scottrade is a privately owned brokerage firm that offers a variety of tradingplatforms, brokerage services, investment advice and education, and bankingservices.

Primarilycatering to self-direct investors, Scottrade offers a variety of tools andguidance as well as quality one-on-one attention.

Aboveanything, it is Scottrade's broker-client relationship that distinguishes itfrom other online brokerage firms- that and its almost giddy investingexperience. A representative literally caters to the client's every need fromthe moment an account is opened, and expresses genuine servitude.


Sincethis company offers perhaps the best customer service within competitive firms,let's start off with that.

Scottradeis number one in personalized customer service, period. With over 500 localbranches, which is part of the Scottrade trademark, the firm relies heavily onits branch-office network to provide clients with the best support possible.

Scottraderepresentatives are not only extremely personable, but also highly informedabout their branch and the Scottrade website and everything within Scottradeparameters.

WhileScottrade phone support does offer certain limitations (such that it does notoperate 24/7 or on the weekends), any downsides on this front are solved viaits excellent email support. There are no vague answers or lagging responses-clients receive answers to their questions just as effectively as they wouldhave via phone call.

Commissionsand Fees

Scottradeis not only friendly on a broker-client basis, but also on an economic level,offering a less expensive approach to investing with choices starting at $7 atrade.

Scottradeis a discount stock brokerage firm, meaning that they charge less thantraditional stockbrokers. This type of firm is great for first-time investors.

WhileScottrade does offer regular stock trades for less than its competitors,trading per contract costs $1.25 per trade as opposed to the competition's$0.75 per trade.

Scottradealso offers the cheapest rates for mutual funds, at only $17 each and has over14,000 funds, more than enough to account for a solid portfolio.

Investingfor Beginners

Scottradeis the perfect brokerage firm for beginners. New investors can rely onScottrade's solid 30-year expertise, reliable broker-client relationship, andaffordable trade options.

Agreat place to start investing, Scottrade provides comprehension throughout itsvarious platforms with excellent online learning tools and quality email,phone, and in-person support.

Evenopening an account is a breeze, taking less than 10 minutes and an affordableminimum deposit of $2,500. With over 14,000 mutual funds to choose from,investing with minimum risk is not only feasible, it is guaranteed.

Scottrade'soverall package includes extensive investment choices, affordable stock, andthe number one customer care service within competing brokerage services. It isessentially the best option for young investors.

Givenfree reign to research market opportunities, Scottrade clients can make theirown investment decisions and receive effective guidance via numerous onlinelearning tools as well as educational seminars.

AccountTypes and Minimum Deposits

Scottradeoffers a variety of accounts, including basic brokerage accounts, bankingaccounts (with a basic brokerage account and $500 minimum in equity),retirement accounts, custodial accounts, business accounts, and specialtyaccounts.

Scottraderetirement and education savings accounts require a minimum initial deposit of$500, while a basic brokerage/IRA account requires a $2,500 initial deposit.


Scottradeprovides thorough research and a simplified research area with customizablehome pages that allow the client to view only the investments within theirinterest field.

Pagescan also be set up to optimize the client's personal investment strategy withmarket data and a portfolio review. The portfolio-review feature ensures thatclients are actively working toward their financial goals.

Clientscan also enjoy the Scottrade SmartText feature available only to Scottradeinvestors. This allows clients to add in indicators and receive instantfeedback on the stocks of interest.


Speakingof comprehensive research and analytics, Scottrade Elite is a perk available toactive investors (requiring 9 trades per quarter) with a minimum of $25,000 intheir brokerage account.

ScottradeElite gives clients … well- an "elite" investing experience. A moreextensive layout, deeper analytics, intricate research, and a more in-depthcustomization allow for more serious investing and theoretically, betterresults.


Clientscan open a banking account via Scottrade, however this is only allowed giventhe existence of a brokerage account with a minimum of $500 in equity.

Onceyou do open an account, you'll find that Scottrade offers free checkingaccounts, including free withdrawals, debit card, and online banking.

WhyChoose Scottrade?

Scottradeis a solid online brokerage with an excellent reputation for quality customerservice and care. Especially convenient for young investors and beginners,

Scottrade offers comprehensive learning tools and easy-to-navigate platforms.

Scottradealso offers economic and extensive investment choices with affordable fees andhelpful features.

Withover 500 offices throughout the United States and email and phone support aswell as mobile investing, Scottrade is there every step of the way.

Scottradeis the perfect choice for beginners because it actually encourages clients tolearn self-directed investing progressively by providing a variety of tools andadvice for guidance. Additionally, the new Portfolio Review Tool allows clientsto develop an investment strategy and tracks activity and investments to ensurethat the client's financial goals are being met. This tool allows customers tocommit to a customized financial strategy and fulfill their plan.